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Fairydown & New Zealand

Fairydown and New Zealand are intrinsically linked.

Fairydown was born in New Zealand in 1877, and the pure and natural bedding that Fairydown produce today, reflect everything that is pure and natural about New Zealand.

In 1920, Fairydown made the Southern Hemispheres first down sleeping bag. Thirty-three years later, Sir Edmund Hillary used Fairydown sleeping bags on the world’s first successful ascent to the peak of Mount Everest.

Four years later, purpose designed Fairydown polar clothing and sleeping bags were used in the successful New Zealand expedition to the South Pole.

Like the adventurers that Fairydown has helped to achieve world firsts in climates considered to be among the harshest in the world, Fairydown has a pioneering spirit that is common in New Zealand.

Reflecting New Zealand culture, Fairydown has a strong connection to the land. For it is the land from which the natural products that are used to make premium Fairydown products, like feather and down, wool and cotton, come.

Most importantly, Fairydown has been helping New Zealanders enjoy pure and natural sleep by designing premium quality bedding for optimal comfort from the purest natural fibres.

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Fairydown was founded in the Kaikorai Valley on the South Island of New Zealand in 1877. Fairydown has a strong connection to the New Zealand landscape, climate, and people.

Like the people of New Zealand, Fairydown has a pioneering spirit and proudly holds its head high on the global stage. Fairydown built its reputation for quality and durability by providing feather and down products that helped pioneering world explorers survive in the harshest cold climates on the planet, in places like the South Pole and mountains of Nepal.

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