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Choosing the right duvet

Everyone’s sleeping requirements are different; so a duvet that may work for one person may not necessarily be the right solution for another person. The ideal scenario is to identify the preferred type of duvet and the level of warmth required to suit the sleeper’s individual needs. To assist with this, Fairydown has compiled a list of questions to guide the decision-making process:

What season is it for?

Many people find that they require more than one duvet to ensure they remain comfortable with the changing seasons. For most people the ideal is to have two duvets, one for the colder months and one for the warmer. Fairydown has an extensive range of duvets to cover the warmth requirements of every season. Fairydown has developed the All Seasons concept. This product combines two different duvet weights which can be used separately or domed together to provide ultimate flexibility for year round comfort.

What are you currently using?

The bedding you currently use can give a good indication of what type of duvet you prefer and how much warmth you require. It is also a good basis to judge whether you need to add or take off warmth from your bed. 

What is your sleeping environment like?

The warmth of your sleeping environment will directly influence the amount of warmth required from your bedding. If you live in a newer house, which tends to be well insulated and warmer, you may only need a light or medium warmth duvet to sleep under. However, if you live in an older style ‘character’ house, which may have more draughts and are harder to keep warm, you may find that you require more warmth from your bedding.

How much weight do you prefer?

The weight of a duvet is an important consideration in determining how comfortable it will be to sleep under. Feather and down or cotton filled duvets are ideally suited to people who prefer a lighter weight on top. Other people feel more comfortable sleeping under a slightly heavier weight, which would suggest the preference for a wool duvet. Additional colour and style may be added to your bedroom through the use of accessories such as the Fairydown range of Espresso feather and down blankets.

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Fairydown was founded in the Kaikorai Valley on the South Island of New Zealand in 1877. Fairydown has a strong connection to the New Zealand landscape, climate, and people.

Like the people of New Zealand, Fairydown has a pioneering spirit and proudly holds its head high on the global stage. Fairydown built its reputation for quality and durability by providing feather and down products that helped pioneering world explorers survive in the harshest cold climates on the planet, in places like the South Pole and mountains of Nepal.

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